Real Estate Wanted

Property Needed Contact 
Housing for St. James Haven in Meadville, PA Annette Hoover
A House in Meadville, PA with older charm under $400,0000 David Gordon
A Newer house in Saegertown, PA under $450,000 David Gordon
A 3+ Bedroom house with 10+ acres in Crawford County, PA up to $275,000 David Gordon
A House within 15 minutes of Meadville, PA up to $350,000 David Gordon
A Stately house on the north end of Meadville, PA Debbie Knapp
A house in the Harmonsburg Road area up to $150,000 Erin Sitler
A Working farm or hobby farm in Saegertown Leslie Berger
50+ Acres of untouched woods with an upscale house within 40 minutes of Meadville, PA Leslie Berger
Commercial property with 2+ acres and 2,000 sq. ft. building in Vernon Township, PA Leslie Berger
A house within 10 miles of Maplewood High School (Guys Mills, PA) under $150,000 Kathryn Doubet
A house in Woodcock Township from up to $200,000 Mike Crowther