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147530Titusville11594 Hydetown RoadCommercial Land$425,000
119337MeadvilleKevin Drive$399,85013.08
110732Meadville154628 Conneaut Lake Road$350,0001.00
118051LinesvilleMaples Road$164,900107.00
52958Conneaut LakeWater Street$113,9006.90
149441Franklin1007 Liberty Street$75,0000.23
45972SaegertownLot 47 Meadow Drive$45,0001.38
45923SaegertownLot 5 Meadow Drive$45,0003.13
45926SaegertownLot 12 Meadow Drive$42,5001.60
45971SaegertownLot 46 Meadow Drive$40,0001.33
45970SaegertownLot 45 Meadow Drive$40,0000.86
45922SaegertownLot 4 Meadow Drive$40,0002.15
45966SaegertownLot 42 Meadow Drive$37,5001.16
45964SaegertownLot 41 Meadow Drive$37,5000.88
45969SaegertownLot 44 Meadow Drive$35,0000.69
45967SaegertownLot 43 Meadow Drive$35,0000.68
45963SaegertownLot 40 Meadow Drive$35,0000.81
45957SaegertownLot 35 Meadow Drive$35,0000.96
45944SaegertownLot 25 State Route 86$35,0001.18
45942SaegertownLot 24 Meadow Drive$35,0001.11
45941SaegertownLot 23 Meadow Drive$35,0001.24
45931SaegertownLot 16 Meadow Drive$35,0001.20
45929SaegertownLot 14 Meadow Drive$35,0001.10
45928SaegertownLot 13 Meadow Drive$35,0001.10
45924SaegertownLot 7 Meadow Drive$35,0001.23
45962SaegertownLot 39 Meadow Drive$32,5000.81
45958SaegertownLot 36 Meadow Drive$32,5000.93
45945SaegertownLot 26 State Route 86$32,5001.14
45930SaegertownLot 15 Meadow Drive$32,5001.08
45925SaegertownLot 8 Meadow Drive$32,5001.07
116245Cambridge SpringsLot 9 Tobin Road$32,25010.00
45959SaegertownLot 37 Meadow Drive$32,0000.87
45961SaegertownLot 38 Meadow Drive$30,0000.79
45939SaegertownLot 20 Meadow Drive$30,0000.67
45935SaegertownLot 19 Meadow Drive$30,0000.69
45933SaegertownLot 17 Meadow Drive$30,0000.67
45932SaegertownLot 16A Meadow Drive$30,0000.84
45921SaegertownLot 3 Meadow Drive$30,0000.92
112781SpringboroPhiladelphia Road$29,90010.36
45956SaegertownLot 34 Meadow Drive$27,5000.72
45919SaegertownLot 1 Meadow Drive$27,5000.97
50736MeadvilleHollis Road$25,0000.87
45954SaegertownLot 33 State Route 86$25,0000.69
45953SaegertownLot 32 State Route 86$25,0000.63
45952SaegertownLot 31 State Route 86$25,0000.63
45951SaegertownLot 30 State Route 86$25,0000.63
45949SaegertownLot 29 State Route 86$25,0000.63
45947SaegertownLot 28 State Route 86$25,0000.66
45946SaegertownLot 27 State Route 86$25,0000.70
45920SaegertownLot 2 Meadow Drive$25,0000.86
112010Espyville4236 Bentley Road$20,0002.10
47508MeadvilleLeslie Road$20,0000.50
109480MeadvilleWoodmont / Susquehanna Drive$14,5000.25
109996MeadvilleLaird Avenue$12,5000.67
109479MeadvilleCarmont Drive$11,0000.21
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631 W. Spring St.

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16354, USA
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“It is illegal to discriminate against any person because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin.”

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